One Year Down, One More to Go

Last week, I was talking to one of my friends about being a teacher. She asked me about the process of becoming a teacher. She doesn’t want to become a teacher, but she was curious because she used to think it was easy until she saw how much work I do. I tried to explain … Continue reading One Year Down, One More to Go

Finding Your Sunshine

When I was in middle school, I didn’t have young teachers. We sat in 50-minute classes and took notes diligently. There were no games, no unique opportunities to learn, nothing—just textbooks and reading. When I decided to become a teacher, I vowed to always have fun in the classroom. One unique feature on my school’s … Continue reading Finding Your Sunshine

Testing to the Classroom

I don’t remember much about elementary and middle school. I tend to block out those awkward years of my life. However, I do remember having to take the STAR test in 5th grade. My teacher, Ms. Tracey, used to allow us to bring “brain food,” like Goldfish and Cheez-Its, and pillows for a post-test nap. … Continue reading Testing to the Classroom

Dangerous [Unmotivated] Minds

When I first decided to take the steps to becoming a teacher, I already knew that I wanted to work in an urban area. In Los Angeles, there are plenty of schools that fit that description. As a Black woman, I wanted to teach in a school where the demographics are often overlooked. Once the … Continue reading Dangerous [Unmotivated] Minds

Tough Love in Seventh

As much as I love my students, I know that they tend to be extremely lazy. Today, I checked the Lexile levels of each of my class periods. While each class has been increasing since August (almost 150+ Lexile level growth per class!!!), I noticed a pattern. The class period with the lowest class Lexile … Continue reading Tough Love in Seventh

Someone, Give This Teacher a Nap

I work at a charter school in Los Angeles. The student to teacher ratio, in each class period, is 32:1. (Considering I once taught a class of 40 at another school, this is great.) With block scheduling and stationed classes, I only teach 16 students per hour in one class period. The other 16 are … Continue reading Someone, Give This Teacher a Nap

Beware the Lipstick

Happy March! First of all, I love lipstick so much! I have multiple shades of red, burgundy, and pink. I even have a black and blue, but burgundies are my favorite. As a result, my poker face is on point!  With a strong poker face comes a strong lipstick and eyebrow game. I have so many … Continue reading Beware the Lipstick

Why I Teach

  Up until recently, if anyone asked, I became a teacher because I loved helping people reach their full potential, but I teach English because words are my religion. I love my students with my whole heart. I may not enjoy the standardized tests, grading, late nights of planning, unlimited exhaustion, reply-all emails, parent conferences, … Continue reading Why I Teach

Oh, the Wonder-Full Seventh

When I was in middle school (1999-2002), I only remember reading entire novels as a class. To be honest, I only remember reading Night by Elie Wiesel and The Giver by Lois Lowry. I also remember reading and acting out a few Edgar Allan Poe poems. I don't remember much of how we read literature; it just kind … Continue reading Oh, the Wonder-Full Seventh