My Favorite Students are Always Problematic

There's a saying that goes, "Nice guys always finish last." In a way, it applies to my process of choosing my favorite student(s) each year. A few days ago, I reflected on my favorite students throughout my teaching years. In student teaching, it was the student that was always off-task and never did his work. … Continue reading My Favorite Students are Always Problematic

Self-Care is the Best Care

Teachers do everything! Not only do we teach, we must be on our A-game each day. We act as counselors, disciplinarians, entertainers, activists, advocates, beauticians (in some cases), referees, and plenty more. Five days out of the week. 189 days out of the year. We must be everything to our 15 to 200 students. And … Continue reading Self-Care is the Best Care


Two weeks ago, I went to a networking event for Well-Read Black Girl. It was a panel of Black women who write. Many of the women began their careers simply for having a love of reading and writing instilled in them. As I looked around, we all had something in common: we had not met … Continue reading #BlackTeachersMatter