Excuse the slight delay in blog. I just had a five-day weekend, due to the Memorial Day holiday and my little cousin’s college graduation in San Francisco! Honestly, it was a much-needed mental holiday. We have exactly eight days of school left! (I have a week-long break before I begin teaching four weeks of summer school, but the thought of eight days makes me too happy to think about that.)


These last few days have been so trying. Either I want to cry each day or simply walk out. This year’s seventh graders have the smartest mouths and the lowest grades, which is completely draining. It’s so difficult to not put the blame on myself, and I feel like I’ve been more than accommodating to each student, but I just can’t figure it out. Once June 10th is here, I’m just going to pretend like this school year didn’t happen.IMG_7536.png


Rather drown myself in a bottle of wine, I will reflect on the good that this school year has brought:

  • I’m the grade level lead so I will receive a stipend on June’s check.
  • This year, I ran the idea of an Honors 7th grade ELA class by my principal, and it’s coming into fruition next school year.
  • My class read Wonder, and many of them loved it.
  • I’ve gotten a chance to bond with my co-workers.
  • I learned new classroom strategies, including aggressive monitoring.
  • I think I did a good job with embedding empathy into my students’ vocabulary and best practices (for some).
  • Somehow, I was able to read three novels! [Thanks in part to my subscription to MyLitBox.]
  • I kept my students #woke with my statement t-shirts and earrings.Photo on 5-30-17 at 3.24 PM.jpg
  • I was able to incorporate my mock trial in the school year. [Pictures will be posted next week.]

I guess this school year wasn’t a total bust. I’m already setting goals for next year to prevent the b.s. of this year from happening again.

What were your successes from this school year?



Miss B.

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