We all know that being an educator is the equivalent of being on the front lines. Educators have to deal with many stressors: standardized tests, grading, pressure to be creative in the classroom, evaluations, parental involvement, etc. It’s more so when you don’t have a best friend on campus. Thankfully, I have three of them. If you don’t have one, go make one. Now.

Here’s why:

  1. You need allies on campus. As only one of two Black educators on campus, sometimes there are microaggressions that no one else will understand besides an ally. If you have amazing best friends, they will also have your back and say something when a student commits one of those microaggressions.microaggressions-thumb.jpg
  2. Work best friends are your counselors when you need to vent. No matter what stage you’re in in your teaching career, you will always need someone who is also on the front lines and understands what you experience on a daily basis.
  3. Work besties also double as your secondary disciplinarians. When you have a sub, they step in, in case a class gets out of hand. They’ll text you, Olivia Pope style, after they discipline your students. “It’s handled.”giphy.gif
  4. You can never go wrong with a friend who knows what all of your looks mean. In the middle of that long and unnecessary weekly PD, you and your besties text and give each other the code stare for “Why on earth are we still being held hostage instead of planning?!”


5. Your work bestie knows what’s up. They know everything you need to know. Period.zJlyZ.gif

6. Lastly, you absolutely need a work bestie to make work even more fun! In a school where we have students for two hours per period, it’s necessary to have comic relief. There are times where my fourth period is unbearable. My work best friend will swoop in and take the reigns while I go hyperventilate in a brown paper bag in the restroom for a few minutes.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is: Get. You. One.

Miss B.

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