The one thing I love about my school is that we get 3 weeks off for Winter Break. THREE WHOLE WEEKS OF NO GRADING, NO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, NO PARENT CONFERENCES! Ahhh!

Unfortunately, I’m already 1.5 weeks in. The first week was Christmas shopping and running errands. This second week is now just rest (and maybe get a new tattoo). Next week, the week before we return, I’ll actually do light work (new seating chart, creating Google Slide presentations for the returning week, and updating my digital agenda/blog).

My goodness, this vacation is going by so fast! I just hope that the second semester goes by this fast. Lol.

However, I must admit, the smartest thing I’ve ever done was set up my vacation responder on my school email AND remove my email from my cell phone

I plan on returning back to my emails on January 7th, but it feels wonderful to be off the radar. Since December 18th, I’ve only checked my emails three times. It’s been blissful!

There are only 14 days left until I go back, but I’m going to continue to enjoy it.

Miss B.

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