I’ve been an official teacher for two years, but I’ve been in the classroom for almost six years. I was raised by my parents, who both are really big on education. While my dad has always been the fun parent, I lived with my mom, who didn’t really believe in fun unless it involved education. As a result, I’m really strict with my students and their grades.

With all of the pressure for students to demonstrate proficiency in all of the standards and show Lexile growth, I often forget to have fun with my students.Today, students were going to begin their benchmark tests so I had planned to do the #MannequinChallenge with them before it began. However, when checking homework, only 5-7 students (out of 32) completed the homework over the weekend. Out of frustration, I took that out of the agenda, vowing to probably do it at a later date.

In tutoring, however, my curiosity got the best of me. I decided to try it out with the 10 students in my class. It was actually really entertaining. The kids needed a small break from the pressure of performing for the test. Although I wish we would’ve been more productive in tutoring, the students were already restless to the point where they were actually doing research on politics. They weren’t going to get much done anyway.

After tutoring, when I was signing out, I heard my tutoring students bragging to other students about doing the mannequin challenge in class. Just doing a this 31-second activity meant so much to them. Although I have no idea why, it made it okay to just be flexible enough to schedule a little bit of fun.

How do you incorporate fun into your classroom?

Miss B.

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