Last week was Club Rush, a time where teachers must open their classroom doors to students to join their clubs. Last year, I hosted the Debate Club. With its small size (6 boys, 0 girls), the Debate Club was a perfect time for students to learn how to argue. For me, teaching students how to argue was going to be amazing. Even with six of the most amazing students ever, my club fell flat. They didn’t quite get the hang of arguments and counterarguments, they only wanted to focus on comics, attendance was inconsistent, I forgot about meetings sometimes, etc. Anyway, this year was supposed to be different.

I teamed up with the 8th grade history teacher to create a club that no student would want to join–the Teacher’s Assistant Club. In our club, students would get the chance to create lessons, teach their peers (during advisory class), assist with grading, and do all of the fun (read: not so fun) things that teachers get to do on a daily basis. I had already had eighth graders volunteering to grade; no one was going to want to be free labor to do it all year. Boy, we were wrong. During Club Rush, our classrooms were packed! Split between two classrooms, we each had no less than 40 students in each of the three sessions. Are these students crazy?! They are actually volunteering to grade, teach, create lessons, decorate classroom posters?! People say teachers are crazy, but these students are insane! Lol. I won’t put all of the blame on them, though. I did kind of make the club sound fun. I told them that they may have some perks by being a T.A., such as snacks (what teacher doesn’t like free snacks?), personalized badges and lanyards (because we already know how much personalized stuff teachers love), opportunities to get out of advisory class (because we all enjoy *cough, cough* sick  days from work), and the opportunity to post our activities on Snapchat/Instagram (because we all enjoy using our social media when we’re supposed to be working).

Although I wasn’t expecting this many students to want to join the T.A. Club, it was quite flattering. Having so many students interested in our club allowed me to daydream about having my whole army of little Jesicas, who, by the way, also joined the club. This may just be on the middle school level right now, but this may lead to students seriously considering a career in teaching.

Miss B.

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