As an English teacher with a large Spanish-speaking population, it oftentimes is difficult communicating with parents without a translator. On Wednesday night, Back to School night, I was responsible for introducing myself and my classroom to my students’ parents. Each class was only set to last for ten minutes. I prepared a long Google Slides presentation, and hoped my measly side-by-side Spanish translations would suffice.

A few minutes before the start of advisory, one of my students from last year, Jesica (yes, with one “s”) popped into my classroom to say hi. She is a tiny (approx. 4’7) girl, with a huge personality, who also curses like a sailor. She exclaimed, “Miss, guess what! I’m a cheerleader now!!” I was genuinely shocked, to say the least. She’s a bit of a tomboy and will probably beat up a boy double her size one day, but she’s also adorable and super intelligent. After we chatted a while, the bell rang and she stuck around to help me guide the advisory parents into the classroom.

As I was presenting, she noticed that many of the parents had a look of confusion on their faces. She jumped up and designated herself my translator for the evening. During each passing period, she got more and more energetic about translating. Finally, before period 3, she confessed that she could see herself becoming a teacher one day.She was an excellent translator and shared many personal experiences from my classroom with the parents, making them laugh and feel comfortable about my teaching style.At the end of the night, she had this cute burst of energy, like she had just run a marathon. She was so excited to be my assistant.

While Jesica can go on to be anything she wants, it was amazing to see her in her first teaching role and absolutely loving it because she felt exactly how I feel everyday.

Miss B.

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