Do You Even Scholastic, Bro?

Hey, Y'all! It's been a while since I've blogged. I've been hella busy with lesson planning and getting used to this semester's new unit about identity formation and transformation. Anyway, I don't think I've ever written about how Scholastic Book Clubs have changed my life and classroom. Lemme tell y'all!! This year, I started having … Continue reading Do You Even Scholastic, Bro?

Write to Literacy: Kelly Gallagher Saved My Students’ Writing

Last month, I attended a conference with Kelly Gallagher as the speaker. First of all, if you don’t know how much Kelly is #TeachingGoals, you better get hip! Secondly, he teaches at one of my former high schools. After only one semester, I opted to transfer because, at the age of 15, I recognized that … Continue reading Write to Literacy: Kelly Gallagher Saved My Students’ Writing

What To Know About The Black Teacher In Your Building

Urban Education Mixtape

Months ago, the Education Trust released a report titled Through Our Eyes which detailed the experiences and feelings of Black teachers in American public schools. The revelations that Black teachers made in the report echoes many of the thoughts and feelings that I experienced while in the classroom. Most of my Black colleagues shared similar sentiments as I did and the teachers shared in this report. Much of the discussion surrounding Black teachers has to do with their importance, how to recruit more of them and how to retain more of them. I tend to focus on the last of those ideas because if you cannot keep Black teachers in the classroom, recruiting more of them really doesn?t matter and admitting their importance to students is lip service at best. According to a 2012-2013 National Center for Education Statistics report, the highest percentage of teachers who moved or left…

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Yes, My Work Outfits are a Political Statement

On Tuesday, one of my Instagram teacher friends posted a photo that stated, "If you teach in urban education and you are offended by players taking a knee, TAKE A SEAT. You are already deemed ineffective by your cultural incompetence." As soon as I read it, I immediately reposted it and let out an obnoxious … Continue reading Yes, My Work Outfits are a Political Statement

My Favorite Students are Always Problematic

There's a saying that goes, "Nice guys always finish last." In a way, it applies to my process of choosing my favorite student(s) each year. A few days ago, I reflected on my favorite students throughout my teaching years. In student teaching, it was the student that was always off-task and never did his work. … Continue reading My Favorite Students are Always Problematic

Social Justice in the Classroom

Over the weekend, I've been trying my hardest to figure out what's been going on in the world. The events in Charlottesville really got me thinking about how I approach social justice in my classroom. Last year, the day after the election, I abandoned my lesson plans and had a community circle. I allowed my … Continue reading Social Justice in the Classroom

The Planner Teacher

First off, HAPPY SUMMER!! I've officially ended my second year of teaching! (As a heads up, the blog post frequency may slow during the summer.) I think I was destined to be a teacher. I love personalized cups and mugs! Free t-shirts are my thing! I adore creating lists and bulletin boards! And office supplies are … Continue reading The Planner Teacher

Ending on a Good Note

Excuse the slight delay in blog. I just had a five-day weekend, due to the Memorial Day holiday and my little cousin’s college graduation in San Francisco! Honestly, it was a much-needed mental holiday. We have exactly eight days of school left! (I have a week-long break before I begin teaching four weeks of summer … Continue reading Ending on a Good Note

But What About Your Hair?!

As Black women, a lot of our power and perception comes from our crown, our hair. Unfortunately, we are scrutinized to a higher degree because we’re Black and female. While we have so many options (natural, faux locs, dreadlocks, perm, straight, weave/extensions, bald, braids, etc.), we tend to worry about how our hair affects us … Continue reading But What About Your Hair?!